If you have changed your lifestyle as a result of the COVID crisis, you are not alone. Many people are struggling with a shift in work-life balance as they attempt to juggle school, work, and home responsibilities. While we are working to establish healthy new routines, we continue to struggle with old habits that could be holding us back.

Our brains are incredibly good at saving time and energy. They develop new pathways to find shortcuts whenever possible. They build habits to conserve precious mental resources that require less “thinking power.” If you have picked up some bad habits during COVID or need to start some good habits, a hypnotherapist can help you transform your life faster and with less difficulty.

Habit 1: Social Media

We are increasingly connected thanks to mobile devices. This is not necessarily a bad thing. We can work remotely, learn wherever we are, and get up-to-the-minute news at the touch of a finger. Unfortunately, it can also keep us tethered to those same devices, making it harder to balance our other responsibilities.

With hypnotherapy, you can become more conscious of each time you pick up your phone needlessly. Instead of scrolling mindlessly through your social media feed yet again, you can call a friend, take a walk, or start planning your to-do list. Hypnotherapy treatment is incredibly versatile and can help you channel your energy into more productive outlets.

Habit 2: Stress or Mindless Eating

Do you find yourself eating when you feel stress or boredom? Do you avidly seek out recipes to experiment with each day? Are you using food to manage unmet emotional needs? While food is closely tied to comfort for many of us, too many culinary indulgences can lead to an expanded waistline. Worse, comfort food is often laden with sugar, calories, and unhealthy fat. In other words, your favorite comfort snacks could be anything but comfortable at your next medical checkup.

Our certified hypnotherapist can help you kick the stress-eating habit and find new ways to soothe yourself. Hypnotherapy is naturally relaxing, and as you use it, you will feel the stress leave your body. You will develop new coping mechanisms and stop weight gain before it starts. Even better, you can even motivate yourself to exercise more.

Habit 3: A Lack of Exercise

As lives get busier, we look for places to cut corners, and unfortunately, exercise is often one of the first habits to go. Physical activity can lower your risk of a heart attack, keep your cholesterol levels healthy, lower the risk of cancer and diabetes, help you maintain a healthy blood pressure, and protect your bones and joints. It can even help your mood!

When you are not exercising, your body and your brain will start to suffer. Get exercise back in your routine with hypnosis.

Our hypnosis center in Hong Kong can help you set and stick with a healthy workout routine. You can develop a healthier schedule for sleep, meals, and exercise every day, and you might just find that it is easier to keep your physical and emotional health in order.

Breaking Bad Habits with Hypnotherapy Treatment

Whether you have slipped into some bad habits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic or are trying to implement healthier new habits in your life, hypnotherapy can make the process a little easier. With hypnosis, you can offer your subconscious powerful suggestions that simplify the habit-making process, gently untangling old associations and helping you develop new ones. Visit Renewed Edge hypnosis center in Hong Kong today to learn more about how hypnotherapy treatment can help you stay healthier in the time of COVID or schedule an appointment with our certified hypnotherapist.