The winter season always puts the spotlight on immunity. This year, all the news is about Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019), whether it is about its impact on the flow of people, the economy or the measures taken to contain it, Hong Kongers and people round the world are now looking to boost their immunity and their mental resilience. Hypnotherapy can help you cope with the emotional upheaval from the spread of the coronavirus.  

In a hypnotherapy session, you enter a state of focused awareness. Through the continued use of self hypnosis to boost immunity, you can achieve a better quality of life.

Research shows that many factors influence your immunity. These factors include your mindset, relationships, eating habits, your lifestyle.

Let’s examine each one of these factors.  

Your Mind

We will start with one of the most overlooked factors: your mind. Research shows that stressed and anxious people tend to suffer from a weakened immune system, in addition to many other ailments such as depression and other mental disease. Few people take the time to sit and rethink their priorities and how they would want to feel about the world around them. What is worse, people tend to resort to external crutches that can treat the symptoms of their stress and anxiety instead of daring to look within. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool researched by reputable institutions such as Stanford Medical School. It is approved by many medical and psychological associations around the world. With hypnotherapy for stress management and anxiety, you can learn to work on the root cause of the issue and increase your resilience. Hypnosis can provide tremendous relief to those who are already suffering from chronic anxiety before the onset of the current crisis. 

Anxiety and stress manifest themselves through many symptoms, including physical and emotional symptoms. Learn to recognize them and decode them. And seek help if needed. Our hypnotherapy centre is here to help you. 

Research shows that older people suffering from depression tend to have a weaker immune system. Studies have also showed a link between emotions and immunity, with a negative emotion like sadness reducing immunity. With self hypnosis to boost immunity, you can learn to look at the bright side of life and help your body defend itself against pathogens.

 Tips to incorporate self-hypnosis in your daily regimen:

  • Cultivate a peaceful attitude: your mindset is influenced by the pieces of news you hear and read, especially after you have just woken up in the morning. These pieces of news act like suggestions. If you listen to these suggestions when you are in self hypnosis, you will accept them more readily. And you are in a state of focused awareness (also known as self hypnosis) more often than you think. Choose instead to listen to the news at predetermined times. Stay away from news and social media in the first 30 minutes and last 60 minutes of your day.
  • Breathe: anxious people do not know how to breathe. You can pause and take in a deep breath, while paying attention to the sensations inside your body and listening to the sounds around you. Repeat that exercise 3 times and you should feel a surge in clarity. Choose to dedicate a few minutes every day to deep breathing. This exercise can facilitate relaxation, which is a wonderful entry point to the state of focused awareness called hypnosis. With a bit of practice, you can then enjoy a few minutes of self hypnosis to boost immunity.
  • Learn to decode your emotions: your emotions act like gauges that can help you understand yourself even more. With knowledge comes insight and the ability to renew yourself. Emotions are closely related to your thoughts. In our hypnotherapy sessions, you will learn to recognize these emotions and reframe your thoughts.  

Your relationships  

Social distancing feels awkward and almost painful because we are social animals. We need to stay in touch with friends, our family and the communities we contribute to. With technology, you can still call or have a video with your friends. While these virtual interactions still fall short of real interactions, they are still meaningful and can provide you with warmth and hope. 

Renewed Edge Tips for more Meaningful Relationships:

  • Make a point to reach out to one like-minded friend every day. Choose a friend that can elevate your mood and choose to do the same thing for him or her.
  • Let go of multitasking when you reach out to others. Make the most of that time to connect with the other person.
  • Offer to help and provide support. Nothing is more therapeutic than helping others. You get out of your own head and you regain a sense of control.
  • If you suffer from social anxiety, it is time to deal with it and start enjoying interacting with others. Hypnotherapy for social anxiety can help you do just that. 

Eating habits  

Our eating habits say so much about what we are experiencing. Under stress, some people might eat more or less or might just eat badly. The body needs basic buildings blocks to function properly. It is also well known that bad eating habits can lead to a weak immune system. You can help yourself be better by allowing your body to get what it needs. With hypnosis for weight loss and slimming, we can help you let go of limiting beliefs that are wreaking havoc on your health. Everyone knows that it is extremely difficult to shed superfluous weight with diets. The truth is that most diets tend to do the opposite. With hypnosis for slimming and weight loss, you can address the root causes of your bad eating habits and help your body to help you. With self hypnosis to boost your immunity, you can naturally adopt healthier habits that make a difference.

Renewed Edge Tips for healthier eating habits

  • Read labels: increasing your knowledge about what you eat, is the first step for real change.
  • Decide to change one thing in your diet each week: it can be putting less sugar, or reducing the number of coffees, or having less of a junk food. Make small incremental changes and keep your eyes on the end goal.
  • Learn to enjoy your food: there is nothing worse than rushing to eat. Take a deep breath before you start and enjoy each mouthful of food. Notice the colors, the texture, the aromas and the tastes. How are they evolving? Be there in the moment. This is a very simple self-hypnosis exercise that can help you clear your mind when you do it well.
  • Eat clean: you are what you eat. Educate yourself on what is clean and learn to listen to your body.


Lifestyle plays a sizeable role in our immunity. Lack of sleep can depress your immune system. Here are other bad habits that can cause emotional and physical distress: smoking, alcohol addiction, sugar cravings, lack of exercise… Hypnotherapy can help you shed these bad habits. Or you can decide to practice self-hypnosis to boost immunity under the guidance of a hypnotherapist.

Renewed Edge Tips for a Better Lifestyle:

  • Exercise: your exercise regimen could range from gentle walking to more intense exercise.
  • Acknowledge that you do have bad habits. You can only get better if you are willing to admit that there is something you need to improve.
  • Pick one negative habit and decide to get rid of it and instead…. [fill in the blank]…
  • Find your inner motivation for the change: our hypnotherapy sessions typically start with an assessment of your goals.
  • Create a vivid image of what you want to do: imagery is a very powerful tool for change that we can leverage in our hypnosis sessions.
  • Practice hypnosis on a regular basis, either with a hypnotherapist or at home with our new app.

Our new UpNow Self Hypnosis App  

We are very proud to announce the release of our self hypnosis app. We understand that many cannot get the help they need because they cannot make the time. With the UpNow app, you can practice self hypnosis from the comfort and the privacy of your home, with the guidance of our lead hypnotherapist, Christine Deschemin. We have more than 50 audios available to help you become a better version of you and we will keep adding more. Here is a glimpse of the self hypnosis audio categories that you will find:

We are supporting you  

You can regain a sense of control over the situation by following these few tips. If you need more help, please reach out to us at 9884 8036 or connect with us here. You can also download our app today to further develop a mindset that supports you today.