People from all over the world are continuing to discover the benefits that hypnosis offers. This system of intentional relaxation, guided imagery and verbal suggestion provides a heightened and more focused awareness and access to the power of the subconscious mind. As a result, it can enable ordinary people to make tangible changes in their lifestyles and achieve goals of all types. By embracing the regular practice of hypnosis, it is possible to overcome many of the challenges that we face every day. Stress, fear, pain and even the limited expectations that we place upon ourselves can stunt our progress and prevent us from becoming truly fulfilled. Fortunately, hypnotherapy offers tangible tools and practical guidelines that can bring about true transformation. 

How Does Hypnosis Work? 

Hypnosis to rewire the brain is not a new concept. In fact, this system of techniques has been used throughout history, including during the U.S. Civil War by military surgeons and during the early 1800s by James Esdaile in India for pain control. Either with the help of a hypnotherapist or by using self-hypnosis, patients are able to become deeply relaxed, allowing for an enhanced ability to minimize the effects of severe pain or focus on an image or goal. As a result, many individuals have become empowered to beat their phobias, minimize anxieties and reduce pain. When you rewire the brain through hypnosis, you can enhance physical and mental health and reduce or eliminate negative fears or habits. 

Does Hypnosis to Rewire the Brain Really Accomplish This task? 

On the surface, the claim that you can actually rewire the brain through hypnosis seems unlikely. After all, could a series of visualization techniques and positive suggestions have more than just a brief effect? Researchers were interested in finding a way to answer this very question. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) of the brain, Halsband, Wolf et al studied 12 dental phobic patients and 12 individuals who had no such phobia. Before and after a brief hypnotic session, the patients were exposed to visual stimuli designed to provoke a fear response in their brains. Phobic patients showed a significantly reduced response in the fear circuitry structures of their left amygdala and bilaterally in their anterior cingulate cortex, insula and hippocampus. Although research is ongoing, this study strongly suggests that it is possible to rewire the brain through hypnosis. 

Your brain is the master controller of everything you do, and hypnotherapy to rewire the brain in Hong Kong truly can give you the tools you need to make permanent and positive changes. Whether you want to reduce pain, lessen insomnia or anxiety, boost your self-esteem, banish destructive habits or simply add an extra spark of joy to your day, hypnotherapy to rewire the brain in Hong Kong can provide you with a scientifically proven, historically based set of strategies to accomplish goals both big and small. Our experienced and compassionate practitioner will be with you during every step of each safe and relaxing session, helping you to take meaningful steps in transforming your performance, attitude, self-esteem and much more. Call us today to learn more about how you can personally benefit from hypnosis to rewire the brain. You will be glad you did.